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Flax Colour Lace Wrap by Native World

Possum Merino Silk Lace Wrap by Native World

NEW DESIGN this season. All our staff have one as it is so versatile, warming up your summer's day outfit should a breeze arise, or as your day carries on into the night. Throw it over the top of your outfit for a pop of colour and lightweight extra warmth.

ONE SIZE. Made in Palmerston North, New Zealand.

Care Instructions to preserve your beautiful garment
Cold Hand Wash in mild detergent, rinse well

Do not wring
Do not tumble dry
Dry in flat shade

Why choose Possum Merino garments?

Hollow core possum fibre – traps a tunnel of air providing up to 55% more warmth than a 100% wool garment. Blending possum fibre with merino reduces the overall weight of a garment by up to 20%. Both possum and merino fibres have a complex cuticle, absorbing and expelling moisture vapour from both the external environment and the body microclimate in changing conditions, making the blend an ideal mix for insulating the body and maintaining core temperature. This blend is also highly resistant to pilling as anyone who owns one of these durable garments can confirm.

Choosing Eco Luxury Fur helps save New Zealand plants and wildlife

New Zealand is the only place in the world that the fibre can be harvested so it remains extremely scarce on a global basis, making it the pink diamond of the eco-luxury fur world. Your choice helps drive demand for possum fibre, reducing the numbers of a pest that has a severe negative effect on native New Zealand flora and fauna, making your choice environmentally sound.

Introduced from Australia by early settlers, the numbers of brushtail possums multiplied exponentially in their non-native environment in the ideal climate with abundant food and natural predators. Hand-gathering the fur is environmentally friendly and doesn't further endanger New Zealand's native wild life.